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Dont be upset, man!

Don't be upset, man!

Hey, it’s not your fault. Don’t blame youself, unidentified Cane’s player.

If you’re gonna blame anyone, blame Cam Ward. Read the rest of this entry »


Game Preview: SAT @ Carolina SN-W 1:00 PM

Oilers 5 game losing streak... barf

Oilers made this pumpkin barf

It’s a 5 game losing streak. Things aren’t looking good.

Two game weekend – two exciting Eastern conference teams to start off the bloody roadtrip. First up is the Carolina Hurricanes team.

Pros: We seem to play well against Eastern Conference teams

Cons: We haven’t been playing well lately

In case the Edmonton Oilers players want to know what we expect from a fan’s perspective:

Torres scores ugly goals too

Torres scores ugly goals too

We need to do a little bit more of this …

I can see his eyes... youre fired.

I can see his eyes... you fail in epic fashion

a little less of this …

Tim Thomas cant see shit

Tim Thomas can't see shit

and a little more of this.

We should not be …

a tad bit less of tip-toeing...

Who do they think they are, Sale and Pelletier?

going around on tip-toe …

Yes, Stortini, Im a fan.

Yes, Stortini, I'm a fan

when we should be going toe-to-toe.

When that happens, we can see less …

Look at those douchebags

Look at those douchebags

of these kinds of depressing scenes and …

Yes, those retro jerseys are damn sexy

Yes, those retro jerseys are damn sexy

as a result see more of these kinds of happy endings.

And who doesn’t want that?

Do it for MacTavish. Do it for Edmonton. Do it for Batman Katz. Do it for Tommy Salo. Do it for the barfing pumpkin.

And yes, I’m a ware Raffi no longer plays for the team. Boo hoo. We’ve got half a dozen guys lined up to play in place of MacIntyre, Pouliot, and Strudwick.

Go out there and be more than a hockey player. Be a hockey player who does the things that helps the team win games.

Dare to dream. (Victory against Carolina, pretty pretty please?)