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Gunnery Sergeant Hartman will PTP Ethan Moreau


Gunnery Sergeant Hartman:

“What is this Mickey Mouse shit?”

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Boulerice is an Oiler

With Steve MacIntyre out with a broken orbital bone, Steve Tambellini has claimed Jesse Boulerice off of waivers from the Colorado Avalanche.

I did a little YouTube research. Turns out he’s no Steve MacIntyre, but he can take a punch and he can throw some haymakers too. Will be interesting to see how well he fills the shoes. Couldn’t find a fight that he won, though.

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JDD: Big Welcome to the NHL

performance was godly

performance was godly

This is Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers.

He has a name bigger than the jersey so they had to cut out the Drouin part. He has the size of a Burke but the flexibility of a Garon. His performance against the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils over this Remembrance Day weekend was also so big it was worth sending out a big “welcome to the NHL” to our friend Jeff Deslauries.

Good job, JDD: you were godly.

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Fighting in the NHL

the Duck goons lead again

the Duck goons lead again

Stats according to

4 of the top 6 are in the Northwest Division.

7 of the top 10 are in the Western Conference.


Oilers flirt with disaster; Big hit by Stuart

Peckham da man

Peckham da man

This kid’s a keeper. If you stick to the opposite team’s skill guys on even strength, then you won’t be burned all day as if you were playing on the PK all night. There’s a time to be aggressive – and that means whenever Malkin and Crosby are on the ice. Peckham gets it and he should play more minutes.

The Edmonton Oilers are the titanic and the captain of the ship is Craig MacTavish. And it’s like the Oilers are flirting with the iceberg as it approaches, as if the friggen thing can’t do any harm to them. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. This road trip just passed the halfway point and we’re not doing anything to improve on our 6-6-1 record. Not at this rate. We started this year 4-0 and we’re not even 0.500 anymore. Definitely the wrong direction to be heading in. This is a team that has almost all the right parts but none of the heart that saw them come within a few points of making the post season last year.

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Edm @ Pit – The epic battle

Okay, maybe it’s not that epic. But it is important considering Edmonton dropped the game in Columbus last night – a game they shouldn’t have lost. On top of that, this 7-game road trip is the longest this year and is on the heels of the end of a 5 game losing streak. Can the Oilers afford to fall to 2-2 on this trip?

Here’s a preview of how I think the Oilers need to play tonight:

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Oilers feel Blue; Jackets take game 5-4

Torres fends off Hemmer

Torres and Hemsky chase the biscuit

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