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Staged fighting is a farce and other rants and raves

Holy crap.  I decided to blog again.  I’d like to give a shout out to the random spam-b0ts who like to post on our comments boards.  We know you secretly love this place.

Thoughts  on Fighting

Staged fighting is a joke and should be penalized.   The best part about fighting is that emotional reaction towards another guy that just brings up the purest form of anger.  The instigator rule has limited these fights so now we have a plethora of these pre-faceoff premeditated fights. These fights blow.   The NHL has it ass backwards.  Watching two 260 pound guys who play less than 10 minutes a night go at it after having tea and biscuits before the faceoff is the equivalent of the “My dad is stronger than your dad” arguments from a elementary playground.   It’s stupid.

Thoughts on Penner/Hemsky

Penner is awesome.  If in the future this organization ever decides to keep Hemsky over Penner, I’ll be pissed.   Believe it or not with all the injuries now, Penner could be our season MVP again.  Penner can provide  25G and 50P while playing defensively sound hockey.  He doesn’t get hurt, Hemsky does.  I’ve found Penner to be a better leader for the team as well.  Ideally keeping him on the 2nd line for the next 5-6 years over Hemsky makes too much sense from a financial perspective as well.  Odds are Penner gets in the 4-4.5 range again, while Hemsky could be demanding upwards of 6M.  With his injury history in mind, it would be a dumb investment to re-sign Hemsky especially if he gets slotted into the 2nd line role.  (I really don’t see the Hall+Eberle combo getting split up too often in the future). It’s too bad, because Hemsky still is our most talented player.  But the time to move him is now.  I believe this is Steady’s biggest test as well.

Thoughts on shit we suck at

We sucks at faceoffs.  As asinine as it sounds, I build my teams on NHL11 with damn good faceoff guys and talented wingers.  Simple theory, winning faceoffs=having the puck=more likely to score.  Still hasn’t clicked for the Oilers.  Brule is our best guy (he’s actually the only guy over 50%), but he’s 6th in total faceoffs taken.  Which is mind boggling considering he gets ample time with Cogliano who usually takes the faceoffs.   Renney’s been just okay for me this season, it’s a rebuild and we’ll lose and yada yada.  But these faceoff choices have to be one of his biggest wtf decisions this season.  (That and being a dick to Paajarvi, but that’s another story).

Funny thing of the day

Our superhero dude spews oil and has the superpower of environment empathy.  Wtf.


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