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Florida Panthers @ Edmonton Oilers

A Poem of the Oilers Futility

when the Oil outshoot the opponent

but forget to bring their game face

outshooting them was a disguise anyway
if you watched the game
you probably saw how disorganized we were
and the lack of intensity in our game
cole played well
visnovsky was everywhere
but penner, moreau, souray, brodziak, gagner, all sucked
especially Moreau
wtf was wrong with him today
none of his passes went to anybody
and every time he rushed the puck he gave it away
hemsky wasn’t bad either
he shouldnt miss breakaways
Anderson gloved it
probably should’ve deked though
and Gagner, what in gods name did he do to get re-promoted
he sucked hardcore tonight
i would’ve picked both Schremp or Brule to play over him
especially Brule, a small guy who throws crushing hits
wanted speed and rush at the end of the game
Gagner is not a lot faster than Schremp
Brule is faster than Gagner
but I must say, Smid looked composed tonight
and Staios was actually steady for once
good thing Strudwick wasn’t playing
i thought gilbert looked ok
but he let a lot of guys skate by him
he’s usually a lot more physical than he was tonight
and that’s saying something, considering he’s Tom Gilbert
he joined the rush a lot too, which i like
next game the Oil will win big
to make up for this sad excuse for an NHL game

remembering to bring their game face

when the Oil outshoot their opponent


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