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Oilers flirt with disaster; Big hit by Stuart

Peckham da man

Peckham da man

This kid’s a keeper. If you stick to the opposite team’s skill guys on even strength, then you won’t be burned all day as if you were playing on the PK all night. There’s a time to be aggressive – and that means whenever Malkin and Crosby are on the ice. Peckham gets it and he should play more minutes.

The Edmonton Oilers are the titanic and the captain of the ship is Craig MacTavish. And it’s like the Oilers are flirting with the iceberg as it approaches, as if the friggen thing can’t do any harm to them. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. This road trip just passed the halfway point and we’re not doing anything to improve on our 6-6-1 record. Not at this rate. We started this year 4-0 and we’re not even 0.500 anymore. Definitely the wrong direction to be heading in. This is a team that has almost all the right parts but none of the heart that saw them come within a few points of making the post season last year.

What’s going on? Why is it that this team plays only 20 good minutes in every 60 minute game?

Yeah, everyone’s going to rag on me for dissing the 4 unanswered goals to come back from 5-0, but the comeback means nothing when you don’t win. In a few months the game will be forgotten and at the end of this road trip the comeback will mean nothing.

We can’t keep giving up early sizable leads. We can’t. You can’t fucking win that way.

Yeah, I said it, we don’t have any heart. Forget all the homemade compliments we’ve given Moreau, Pisani, Staios, and Horcoff about how much heart they have. How about the goddamn rest of the team. We’re not expecting the Stanley Cup but we expect to make the playoffs and 2-2 and not coming out to any leads is no way to succeed on a road trip.

We haven’t done the obvious, like give Huselius, Crosby, and Malkin a hard time.

MacIntyre’s hit on Letang was the right idea, but on the wrong player. To send a message, you gotta leave the poor kid alone and go and hit an established core player. Like Crosby. Or Malkin. Otherwise you look like you’re bullying poor Kris and not taking out Pittsburgh’s messiah instead. Peckham gets it – so should you.

The positives though, are that some veterans aren’t taking this shit lying down. Like Moreau, Strudwick, Smid, Peckham, and MacIntyre: they’re showing that we can lose with dignity.

Garon and Roloson are out on a limb, and who knows how much more they can take of these daily beatings. It’s time the team defense kicked in and players played more responsibly.

Sexiest Highlight Reel Hit of this Young Season


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