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Edm @ Pit – The epic battle

Okay, maybe it’s not that epic. But it is important considering Edmonton dropped the game in Columbus last night – a game they shouldn’t have lost. On top of that, this 7-game road trip is the longest this year and is on the heels of the end of a 5 game losing streak. Can the Oilers afford to fall to 2-2 on this trip?

Here’s a preview of how I think the Oilers need to play tonight:

Of course, this all applies to Evgeni Malkin and Petr Sykora as well (we love you Petr but you didn’t resign). Yes I know, this kind of action demands retribution. So what? They might take a run at Hemsky. But we need to win on this road trip and we need to start tonight.

Hit Crosby. Annoy Malkin. Hammer Sykora. This is not so much as team toughness as getting the skilled players off their game. And if the teams like Columbus are going to send douchebags like Freddy Modin into our zone to wreck havoc, we only owe the rest of the league the same kind of courtesy.


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