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Oilers feel Blue; Jackets take game 5-4

Torres fends off Hemmer

Torres and Hemsky chase the biscuit

What. The. Hell. What the hell. Sure, wasn’t one of our best games of the season.

Nor was it one of the worst.

We were giving up odd man rushes all over the place and taking bad penalties. Fine, I’ll give you that. But coming back from 2-0 to lead 4-2 in the third… that’s not a hockey game you can afford to lose. That’s a hard-fought, gutsy, blood-and-vinegar type of comeback… only to lose it on a Malholtra goal during a 3-on-2 rush led by Torres, of all friggen people on the whole team.

That’s not a game you can afford to lose.

What. The. Hell. What the hell.

Added to the hitlist: Frederik Modin

Another former Oiler, Jan Hejda, was a pretty decent player tonight and solid on D. Tom Gilbert chipped in with 2 assists tonight but Smid sustained a concussion – further complicating our IR list, and especially with Strudwick playing hurt, things are only going to get worse before they get better.

We’re gonna need a gutsy game in Pittsburgh for sure now, eh?

Beauty of a goal by Hemmer.


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  kaiosama2001 wrote @

With the way we gave up that 4-2 lead, we not only don’t deserve to win we don’t deserve to be in the NHL.

Is the KHL still accepting applications?

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