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Dont be upset, man!

Don't be upset, man!

Hey, it’s not your fault. Don’t blame youself, unidentified Cane’s player.

If you’re gonna blame anyone, blame Cam Ward. And the Oiler’s overall awesomeness. Yes my friends, we have snapped the dreadful losing streak and in fine fashion too. This game could easily have been 5-1 considering all the posts and crossbars we hit.

Dwayne Roloson is slowly inching his way back into the 3 goalie picture and being in the fray he’s kicking ass and taking numbers. Dwayne Roloson could’ve stoned Chuck Norris on a night like this and it would have set the universe into unbalance. Luckily, he doesn’t play for the Hurricanes.

A doozy of a game from Horcoff, Moreau, and Cole. Souray, Gilbert, and Smid were solid as well.

However, I think Ethan Moreau should’ve passed off the empty netter so he could acquire his first Gordie-Howe-Hat-Trick of the season. Oh well.

And next time we play Carolina, we will have our crosshairs on Tuomo Ruutu.

Good win OIL!


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  kaiosama2001 wrote @

“It’s like Ryan Smyth coming back to Edmonton, only with one more Stanley Cup ring and a lot less crying.”


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